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Children ready to be sent West from New York Grand Central Terminal.
The New York Foundling Hospital Collection.

The New York Times
September 28, 1915
Credit: The New York Times, page 11, 55 Foundlings Sent West

Fifty-five foundlings, ranging in age from one to four years, left Grand Central Terminal yesterday morning in a private car for new found homes in the West. It was the latest exodus from the New York Foundling Hospital, on Sixty-eighth Street, between Lexington and Third Avenues, whose agents have found homes for nearly 20,000 children in the last forty-six years. There were forty-four girls and eleven boys as it was explained by the Sisters of Charity at the home, girl babies are in greater demand. The children were in charge of four nurses, and two sisters. Beds for them all and food enough for one day were taken on the car. The babies are going to homes in Minnesota, and the Dakotas. There they will grow up without knowing that they are not the personal children of the foster parents. After three years they may be legally adopted. At this time, the New York Foundling Hospital has about 2,400 inmates, of which 800 are in the hospital, and the others live with families outside.


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