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New York (WVOX)

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“In a most beautiful and professional way, this book represents a true labor of love. A candid, humbling, but ultimately inspiring look at a very particular theme and period in American history. The archival photos of newsboys and bootblacks surviving on the streets of New York. Hauntingly good!
The yearbook-like sketches of orphan train children and the responsible adults and citizens they became; a highlight. With this volume alone, Renée Wendinger has made the planet a better place.”

John Graham Tucker, president of Norfleet Press
New York, New York.

“An absolutely incredible book! This is a classic book and a fascinating story written by a very talented lady. This author portrays the children’s stories so well. Classic images of our distant past, the pictures are beautiful! To acquire an appreciation for New York’s history, this book is a “have got to pick up,” as it is one of a kind. Really a wonderful and classy book. A concentrated New York College course has been built upon this accomplished book alone.”
Art and Susan Zuckerman, Steve Duer (historians, lecture series)
Radio Station WVOX (Z Travel and Leisure)
New York, New York

“This reserve provides an insightful overview of how responsible persons made drastic decisions based on facts, common sense and a limited number of real life options. It is a unique book that belongs on the shelf of every professional or aspiring sociologist involved in the history of unfortunate children, and in collected works of every library. This book reveals, probably for the first time to millions, the heroic work undertaken by the New York Foundling and the Children’s Aid Society. The book envisions a part of American history which might have been a lifelong tragic loss. An excellent book!”
Diana Serra Cary, author of Hollywood’s Children, What Ever Happened Baby Peggy, [And additional tome]

“Fending for oneself as a child is a rough endeavor.” Extra! Extra! The Orphan Trains and Newsboys of New York" tells the story of the fate of many children in the early twentieth century, and how the Children's Aid Society sought to help these young people through their early lives. From helping them find homes in rural America through the famous orphan trains, to giving the newsboys of New York places to stay, the Children's Aid Society engaged in remarkable work. "Extra! Extra!" is a fascinating survey of the history of child welfare in the United States.”
Midwest Book Review

“Extra! Extra! reaches the heart of the reader, and the heart of America! As the developer of the musical theatrical production Orphan Train, I only hope this dramatic piece is as touching and important as this incredible book written by author Renée Wendinger”
Patricia Birch, Emmy Award winner, director and choreographer for musical theatre and film. Grease, Big, A Little Night Music, They’re Playing Our Song, etc.
New York, New York


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